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Early Lease Termination

When leasing a vehicle, the buyer is agreeing to make regular payments, follow a scheduled maintenance plan, and keep the vehicle for the duration of the contract. A popular misconception is that it is impossible to end a lease early. In truth, all leases can be terminated early. However, since lease agreements are not designed to be broken, substantial penalties and fees are usually associated with early termination. It is, in the end, a question of cost.

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Lease Return Center

World Wide Automobile is working as  a lease return center in tristate area, meaning that no matter which dealership you leased your car from, all possible leases  may be returned to our location in Southampton, PA.  Simply pick a time that works for you, and then come down to start the lease return process with us! Want to learn more about the return of your leased vehicle? Call us please!

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Trade In

Private owners, new and used car dealers, leasing companies, importers, exporters wholesalers please call us to get instant quote on your car. World Wide Automobile makes selling your vehicle easier than ever and offer great car lease deals. Start by filling out your vehicle information into our instant car cash quote form to receive your offer.


Tire & Wheel Protection Programs

No matter how carefully we drive, we can end up with a flat tire or damaged wheel now and then. Tire & Wheel Protection provides coverage in case of damage to your tires or wheels as a result of nails, glass, debris, potholes, or other road hazards.Please give us a call for more information on different polices Tire & Wheel Protection can help take.


Trade In.

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