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Top Questions To Ask Before You Sign The Lease Deal For Your Audi Q7

Choosing to lease a car comes with many advantages. In fact, that is likely why many people turn to this option for their motoring needs. Have you decided that leasing an Audi Q7 is the right path for you to take at this point? This is certainly a vehicle that knows how to make a great impression, provides a wealth of comfort and is all about offering the ultimate driving experience.

Deciding that the Audi Q7 is the right lease car for you is the easy part, finding the right lease for your needs is where the challenge can begin. So how can you get yourself a great lease deal?

It certainly will take a little time and effort if you hope to make the best choice available to you. However, more than time and effort is involved. You need to know the right questions to ask. Let’s take a look at a few of the top questions that you should make sure you ask before you sign the lease deal for your Audi Q7.

Have You Got Any Lease Special Or Promotions?

This may seem like an obvious question, but you need to ask it. Often discounted lease deals are offered to generate further interest in a particular car model. If you can land yourself such a deal, you can make a significant saving in the long run. These offers don’t necessarily run all the time, so if you are in no rush, it may be worth waiting a little while and continually checking for promotions and specials.

If you are offered a lease special that seems a bit too good to be true, be sure to check the small print. Sometimes the figure you are being quoted is not the final price you will pay. There may be sales fees and substantial drive-off fees that will make the promotion seem a lot less appealing. Be sure to know all of your facts before you put your name on any lease contract.

How Many Miles Are Included On The Lease Agreement?

Another vital matter to clarify before you make a deal is the mileage. A lease deal may sound great, but that could be because the mile allowance is minimal. Now if you don’t tend to do a lot of miles, perhaps your commute to work is short, and your general car use outside of work is all within your locality, this may be a perfect choice for you. However, if you tend to clock up big miles each year, perhaps over the industry standard, you could easily find yourself in quite the pickle if you opted for this lease deal.

What Is The Drive-Off Fee?

The drive-off price includes the down payment and other costs. While paying a larger down payment will likely lower your monthly payment, it also puts you at greater risk of losing a significant amount of money if an incident occurs at the start of the lease contract. Take the time to balance this out before you make your choice carefully.

Certainly, the Audi Q7 may be the ideal car to drive. It offers much regarding comfort, luxury, elegance, and road presence. Opting for a lease deal comes with many advantages, however, that only applies if you make the right choice! By familiarizing yourself with the questions we have outlined above and used them when considering potential leases, you should be in a much better position to make a decision you will not later regret.

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