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All About Leasing A Honda Civic – What You Need To Know

The Honda Civic is one of those cars that, while not in the category of luxury cars, is something that anyone can be proud to drive. This car is not cheap with prices starting at close to $25,000 to buy. If you buy it through financing, it’s going to cost you money because of the APR and cost of ownership. But with leasing, though, it becomes much, much easier to drive a Honda Civic. How does car leasing work?

It works a lot like car financing in that it is offered by at the car dealership. A third-party or the car manufacturer offers it. In some cases, a bank or a finance company does it. When you enter into a lease agreement, you agree to pay an upfront fee and a monthly fee.

If you think leasing is cheap, it is, however, you need to know that the low price means that you do not own the car. It also means that you have limited mileage. For the Honda Civic, you are limited to 12,000 driving miles per year. Also, there is an interest rate to pay, although it is much cheaper than financing.

But even with the limitation, still, a lot of people opt for leasing, mainly because it is cheap. Other than this, the cost of maintenance is shouldered by the leasing company. If you are a fan of Honda Civic, though, you will be limited by the model you drive, and there are at least ten models that you can choose from (repeat: there are ten types of Honda Civic cars you can choose from). Car manufacturers tend to lease models that are slow in sales and so the Honda Civic you drive may not be the actual one you want to ride.

Just like anything else, it pays to do some comparison shopping when it comes to finding a lease. Remember that aside from Honda itself, third-party financing companies also offer it. (Caveat: We are not sure if the prices we quoted from above are from Honda or by others.) That said, make sure to visit different dealerships and compare their rates, and more importantly, their terms and conditions. One place might offer lower rates but have a higher interest rate that’s comparable to financing.

If there is a particular Honda Civic model you want to drive, you will want to check out different places and see which ones offer your favored model for leasing.

How much you end paying can be affected by your credit scores, among other factors. But considering how much credit score standards have changed within the past few years, do not assume that you won’t qualify for a lease.

While there are many cars out there, the Honda Civic has been hailed by Forbes as one of the best cars for leasing. This is not surprising when you consider that this car combines substance and form. So, when you are ready, go to the nearest Honda dealership now.

Better yet, go online and look for a lease comparison website that automatically detects your area, or requires that you enter your zip code, before giving you a custom quote from different dealerships.

Again, make sure to compare the terms and conditions, and prices as well as car models before deciding on where to rent your Honda Civic from.

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